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Absentee Bids

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Absentee bids are handled by the clerk who bids on your behalf up to the amount you have specified on your bid form.   If there is only one absentee bid on an item, the clerk will wait until the audience opens the bid, and then will bid on your behalf.   If no one in the audience bids, the clerk will bid on the item at the lowest amount.

If two absentee bids are received for the same item, the clerk is allowed to open the bid at one bid above the lowest absentee amount. For example, if there are two absentee bid and one bid is for $50.00 and the second is for $75.00 the clerk will start the bidding at $55.00.

Occasionally, depending on how the bidding falls, an item might sell to someone in the audience for the exact amount that you have specified as your limit. If you are concerned about this happening and do not want to lose the item, we will accept your bid with a plus one bid option, or other instructions as indicated by you, the bidder.

Absentee bids can be placed during the auction; however, they must be submitted 150 items in advance so that the clerk has adequate time to record your bid.  For example, if you would like to place an absentee bid for item number 425, you must submit the absentee form prior to the sale of item number 275.  You may leave as many absentee bids as you would like.

If you have left an absentee bid, and find that you are able to attend the sale, please notify the cashier’s desk, so that your absentee bids can be canceled.

All Purchases are subject to a 12% Buyer’s Premium and Local Sales Tax.   Once the auction has concluded we will contact you to inform you that you have won an item and provide you with the total.   If you leave an absentee and do not receive a call, unfortunately, your bid was not successful.

Phone Bids

phone bidPhone bids are conducted by a member of our staff who bid on your behalf.  It is your responsibility to preview the items prior to requesting a phone bid as all items are sold “As Is” and there are no returns or refunds. 

Arrangements to Phone Bid must be made in advance prior to the start of the auction. At times, depending on the attendance of the auction, we may inform you that we can not accept a phone bid that day. 

If you have placed an absentee bid and you decide to place a phone bid on the same item, please remember to withdraw your absentee bid.  Otherwise, you may be bidding against yourself.

If you schedule a phone bid and we are unable to reach you, we will not stop the auction.  The item will be sold as you were not available to place a phone bid.

All Purchases are subject to a 12% Buyer’s Premium and Local Sales Tax.

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